Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE - SHV-E150S

Support untuk jaringan 4G LTE.
Lihat tebalnya hanya 7.9 mm, tipis sekali tablet ini, apa ndak takut patah kalau terjatuh dari genggaman.

Voice calls and video calls easy convenient calling features
Voice calls and video calls
Layar 7.7-inch super-Oh Mall Red Plus
Tebal 7.9 mm
Berat 345 g
1.5 Ghz prosesor.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 LTE - SHV-E150S
Dimensi 196.7 × 133.1 × 7.9 mm
Berat 345 gram
Model Full Touch Bar (Tablet)
Jaringan LTE / WCDMA / GSM
Layar 7.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus
1280 x 800 (WXGA)
16 million colors
Baterai 5,100 mAh
Approximately 920 minutes of continuous talk time Approximately 640 hours continuous standby time (LTE mode)
Continuous talk time (GSM mode), approximately 1660 minutes
Continuous standby time (GSM mode), approximately 850 hours
Memori 16 GB internal memori
Support microSD Slot up to 32GB
Fitur Lain Support wireless
Internet Heaven and earth that Hangul (Heaven, Earth / Qwerty / moahki)
Support video call (Google Talk)
Google Mobile Services: Search, Voice Search, Market, Maps, YouTube, Talk, Gmail, phone number / calendar sync, navigation, location, find Regional Information Call convenience features Span currencies Four-digit kwikdayieolring Consonants that phone number search Certain number of opt-out Call Recording Airplane mode Bluetooth headset has a call Add-ons Screen / sound No Black GUI No dial Annie Not my screen Station / no color settings sutjabyeol No scaling dial numbers No menu, adjust the font size No mix of rhythm Bell No chords No voice Bell No videos Bell Change font that No change wallpaper automatically That adjusts the screen brightness Touchscreen Font Download No download flash menu No download flash wallpapers Other additional features home screen widgets basic items, Live Wallpaper Phonebook / message Phone book group management Photo Phonebook feature No 3D message Letters zoom in / zoom out (volume keys behavior) Yes (can be adjusted in the Settings menu in the message) Receive SMS SMS / MMS subalsin No spam protection No Anycall SOS No deposit 09 text messages E-mail add-ons Multimedia / Entertainment DMB (terrestrial) Listening to DMB Bluetooth headset No Anycall DMB Player No screen brightness DMB Multitasking of DMB (SMS, phone) Yes WLAN No VOD No MOD MP3 MP3 equalizer Edit Photo Studio Photo (Photo Editor) Shooting special effects (negative, black and white, sepia) No effect of facial expression support Panoramic radiography No video editor Mayipet and no play No game No trial game No Anycall Band G-Fun (gesture recognition) None No Storytelling Reader add-in hub, social hub, Samsung Apps, AR book, AllShare, WiFi Direct, etc. Electronic Diary Electronic dictionary Calendar No timetable No unit conversion
Notepad (memo, pen notes) Calculators / Scientific Calculator / calculator in life that the (general / engineering calculator) Wake repeat that notification Alarm World Time (daylight saving time) Yes No stopwatch No subway map No Add-ons Convenience / Security Removable Disk (MTP Type) Mobile Printing (Wi-Fi) Wi-Fi button (menu) no lock No Lock Function Recording voice notes GPS File viewer (Polaris Office) No remote control No flashlights Automatic conversion of text to speech (TTS) Samsung TTS (Korean, English, Chinese, Spanish, German, French), Pico TTS (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish) Speech recognition (Google Voice Search) None was S / W upgrade that No built-in manual Turn off password support services Add-ons V3 Mobile, naepail, etc. miniaepseu O and Connectivity Handsfree / earphone not call PC-compatible pondeyiteo Bluetooth TV Output Yes (optional HDTV adapter or desktop cradle can purchase an HDMI connection) No IrDA No Any PC No Add-ons Carrier service (SKT)
GSM roaming area (WCDMA, GSM roaming support) MMS (multimedia messaging service) Yes T-MAP Smart add-in sales / T Smart Learning (provide the installer icon) Go! No NFC No HD video calls Hoppin No keontencheuham june MelOn No T Cash T Store T Store Book T services Not Nate No UC Nateon No Mobile Cyworld No remote consultation No ponkkumigi Freezone / Not Nate No T Cloud
Kamera 3MP (rear)
2MP (Front)
CMOS image sensor camera
No optical zoom camera
Auto Focus (rear camera) Stabilization / no automatic shooting Support Half - Press (touch)
Support flash

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